What Is A Solar Charge Controller?

A sun oriented charge regulator, otherwise called a sun powered controller, is basically a sunlight based battery charger associated between the sun powered chargers and battery. Its responsibility is to direct the battery charging process and guarantee the battery is charged accurately, or all the more critically, not over-charged. DC-coupled sunlight based charge regulators have been around for a really long time and utilized in practically all limited scale off-framework sun based power frameworks.

Current sun powered charge regulators have progressed elements to guarantee the battery framework is charged exactly and proficiently, in addition to highlights like DC load yield utilized for lighting. By and large, most more modest 12V-24V energize regulators to 30A have DC load terminals and are utilized for convoys, RVs and little structures. Then again, most bigger, further developed 60A+ MPPT sun oriented charge regulators don’t have load yield terminals and are explicitly intended for enormous off-lattice power framework with sunlight based exhibits and strong off-network inverters.

Sun oriented charge regulators are evaluated by the most extreme information voltage (V) and greatest charge current (A). As made sense of in more detail underneath, these two evaluations decide the number of sunlight based chargers can be associated with the charge regulator.

  • Current Amp (A) rating = Maximum charging current.

  • Voltage (V) rating = Maximum voltage (Voc) of the solar panel/s.